What Do You Concern When Your Chubby Girls Want to Lose Weight?
Posted by MenWhoLoveBBW.com | July 18, 2017

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If you are a BBW lover, you may find that sometimes your chubby girl wants to lose weight to make herself better. Even though you love her plus size body which makes her lovely and sexy. So what happens when she wants to lose weight and you want her to stay where she is? Her weight is one of important reasons you were attracted to her in the first sight and you worry that if your BBW girl changes it, You will do not like her any longer. But in all those situations the key is that even though you are in love you aren't in possession of another persons body. They still have the right to make their own choices. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when your BBW girl wants to lose weight.

1. Don’t try and sabotage your chubby girl efforts to lose weight.

It may make thing worse. Just going behind her back and not supporting her in her goals you will be doing great harm to your relationship. It's understandable that you might feel upset or scared when your big beautiful woman says she wants to lose weight.

2. Find the reason why these chubby girls want to lose weight.

If chubby girls are doing it because they want to conform for some societal standard of beauty then you can help by focusing on how big is beautiful and feminine and how it is more womanly to be shapely than to look like an emaciated teenage boy. This will strengthen your relationship and will make her abandon losing weight. Maybe they want to lose weight to fit into a certain dress or for a special occasion. In that case usually we are talking about just 10 or 15 pounds and not a huge change. Being helpful by making low calorie foods and going for romantic walks together will help you grow as a couple as you reach that goal.

3. You chubby girlfriend may concern the health problem.

There is nothing inherently unhealthy about being a big woman as long as your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure are all normal. The idea that thinner is healthier isn't always true. If your lady's main concern is health then you can encourage her to start eating more fruits and veggies, cutting back on sugar, and adding exercise to your daily routine. These small changes may result in a few pounds lost but more importantly it will lead to a longer and better quality of life all without having to resort to becoming a waif. These activities are good for you too. Think of it as taking action to live a longer life together. It is possible to be big, beautiful, and healthy but it will take your love and support.

When your large and lovely girl wants to slim down don't look at it as the end of your relationship and don't try and get in the way of her goals. Through communication and support you will be able to help her achieve her goals, of better self esteem or a healthier lifestyle, without losing her or too much of the body you've come to love. If you just can't accept that your BBW woman wants to change then you need to take a step back and examine your relationship. Are you in love with a person or just her weight? For more tips, just check the high quality BBW dating Site: Men Who Love BBW.